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Follow RSS, Atom and JSON feeds!

Alduin is an feed reader that allow you to follow your favorites RSS, Atom and JSON feeds. Totally free and open source, it provides a beautiful interface and it has made with powerful open source technologies.

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Awesome features

All this make Alduin what it is

Dark and full of...

Trust me, it's more pleasant to read on a dark background theme. This is why Alduin provides a dark theme by default, forever.

Right to left

As Alduin is used across the world, it is important to automatically support right to left languages as arabic or hebrew. To do this, Alduin use a common language detector.

Feed types

Alduin supports the three main feed types that exists on earth: RSS, Atom and JSONFeed. But if you find another intersting one, let me know.

Auto update

To be sure that you always have the last version available of Alduin, it automatically download the latest version when it's released an updates itself.

Refresh interval

That you want to follow trading feeds or news articles, you can set the refresh interval to your needs.

Peguin lover

Alduin is mainly developed on Fedora, so it's available on the most known Linux-based systems. But as we aren't racists, you can download Alduin to use it on Windows too.

Cool facts

Free and open source

As Alduin is open source, you can read the source to inspire you, fork the project and contribute to its development.


Alduin is built on ReactJS, Electron and NodeJS. Three extremely rich and powerful technologies. And it's why power overflows from Alduin.


A big part of enhancement ideas were bring to Alduin by the users. And you easily can submits yours too.


Xavier Stouder aka Xstoudi

Xstoudi is a 19 years old IT student that actually lives in Switzerland. Passionate about development and astronomy, he first used Alduin to keep up with NASA's latest developments because his previous RSS software wasn't stable enough.

At the begining, Alduin was just a learning project but it very quickly become used by a lot of people, mainly on Linux. And since the 2.0 version is there, Alduin is more stable, more powerful and more efficient to allow you to follow your favorites feeds.


Help Alduin to run

If you like Alduin and you think it deserves to continue to exists, please consider making a donation to help its development.

Thank you in advance!


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